Break down silos and bring together people to share ideas and learn from each other 

Innovation Hubs

Hubs are spaces for sharing resources, connecting across departments, and growing professionally. 

Share Knowledge

FInd Resources

Connect with Others


How it Works for Hub Members

  1. Discover opportunities to participate in the community

  2. Share resources that have been shared by others

  3. Connect with others around shared interests

  4. Develop skills and earn credentials

How it Works for Organizations

  1. Develop a rollout plan. Our Customer Success team will help you develop a plan that is personalized to the needs of your organization.

  2. Invite your faculty, staff, students to join.

  3. Start seeing results in real-time dashboards and weekly reports. We can help you decipher the data to measure benefits and identify opportunities for growth.

“It is important to have a space for all educators to connect at MSU because we are often dispersed and siloed in our respective colleges and departments. It is even more important for all of us here at MSU to identify ourselves as educators with vested interest in the work of teaching and learning at our pioneer land-grant institution.”

Dave Goodrich
Michigan State University

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