We help international students go over the wall and attend U.S. colleges that are a good fit.

International Student Recruitment Hubs

Where students can find colleges that match their interests, access OnDemand services, connect with peers, and get the qualifications they need to attend U.S. colleges. 

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How it Works for Students


  1. Discover colleges that match your interests

  2. Access OnDemand services throughout the entire recruitment process - from college application to securing visa to arrival on campus.

  3. Share your experiences with others

  4. Find resources and guides

  5. Get qualifications that will make you an attractive candidate to attend U.S. colleges.

How it Works for Colleges


  1. Tell us what kinds of students you would like to recruit

  2. View international students that are a good matches with your school and reach out to them.

  3. Provide OnDemand academic, sense of belonging, and wellness services to international students once they are on campus.

  4. Start seeing results in real-time dashboards and weekly reports. We can help you decipher the data to measure benefits and identify opportunities for growth.

“Contrary to perceptions that foreign students take spots that belong to Americans, at many schools they’re enabling more American students to get a degree. These students generally pay full tuition, and their higher fees are used to cross-subsidize lower, in-state tuition rates (and scholarships) of American classmates.”

Catherine Rampell
Washington Post

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